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    Begin with Good Material

    A question often asked of John Naka: ” How do I make  good bonsai?” His inevitable answer: “Begin with good material.” You’ve heard me say it ad nauseum; the difficulty of acquisition of excellent bonsai material has ultimately kept the ABQ Club  below the upper tier of the best shows in the US. We have, with […]

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    About The Albuquerque Bonsai Club

    The Albuquerque Bonsai Club began in January 1975. By 1979, it had grown, and the first Bonsai master, Ben Oki, was invited to conduct a bonsai workshop. Since then, other Bonsai masters have presented workshops in Bonsai culture in Albuquerque. Other Masters, including John Naka, Chase Rosade, Jim Barrett, Hal Sasake, Toshio Subaromaru, Mel Ikeda, Ray Nagatoshi,and Ernie Kuo have visited Albuquerque and enriched the club members knowledge of Bonsai.

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October 15-16 Workshop

OK, Buckaroos, October is here, and we have some serious bonsai wrangling to do.  10/01 at the church.  Read the message below.  10/15-10/16 at Gordon’s hacienda.  I will send a map in another email.  Read about this below.  And, of course, a timely warm and fuzzy message from John. Happy trails,//Jesús.   Hey ... Read More...

Bonsai Toolbox

Dearest Friends….. Herein lies an annotated list of the basic tools and assorted gizmos which might constitute a basic bonsai tool box. Your needs will vary, of course, but this has worked for me over the years. First, a general note or two, to wit: I refuse to accept the premise that one must sink […]


October Meeting and Ikebana Exhibit

The usual suspects will gather at the Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church at 9:00 a.m. this Saturday Oct. 1.  Afterwards plan on enjoying a fall afternoon in the Garden.  The ABQ BioPark is hosting an Ikebana exhibit at the Botanic Garden this weekend, Oct. 1-2, 9:00 until closing.


October – Gett’n all the news I need from the weather report

Nights may be too cool now for semi-tropicals. Move deciduous trees to a shadier location to prevent new growth. Watch the weather reports more carefully now. It is common to have an early frost. The average high is 71 degrees; the average low is 44 degrees. The record high is 87 degrees (2015 update:  expecting […]