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    Upcoming Events

    Dave Ellis sends his thanks for the turn out for Nicholas’ memorial: I’m really happy that members of the Bonsai Club were able to attend Nick’s send-off.  I know that it meant a lot to Simon and Theresa.  I hope that everyone took home some of Nick’s Bonsai library… I sure know that I did.. […]

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    About The Albuquerque Bonsai Club

    The Albuquerque Bonsai Club began in January 1975. By 1979, it had grown, and the first Bonsai master, Ben Oki, was invited to conduct a bonsai workshop. Since then, other Bonsai masters have presented workshops in Bonsai culture in Albuquerque. Other Masters, including John Naka, Chase Rosade, Jim Barrett, Hal Sasake, Toshio Subaromaru, Mel Ikeda, Ray Nagatoshi,and Ernie Kuo have visited Albuquerque and enriched the club members knowledge of Bonsai.

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Nicholas Ng

We recently learned of the passing of Nicholas Ng, long time club member and authority on flowering bonsai.  He will be missed. For our new people, who didn't get a chance to know Nicholas very well, John Egert submits the following: Nicholas Ng was one of those rare people who marched to ... Read More...

John Egert Instructs Monthly Master Class

July update: In addition to the monthly master class on Saturday the 19th, John will be presenting a public bonsai demonstration at the Open Space Visitor Center on Sunday, July 20th between 9:00 and 11:00.


Meeting Location

The club generally meets at the Heights-Cumberland Presbyterian Church 9:00 AM on the first Saturday of most months.  We meet in the multipurpose building indicated by the letter ‘A’ in the Google Maps image below. Enter the multipurpose building via the only door (on the southwest side under the portal). We are down the main […]


October – Gett’n all the news I need from the weather report

Nights may be too cool now for semi-tropicals. Move deciduous trees to a shadier location to prevent new growth. Watch the weather reports more carefully now. It is common to have an early frost. The average high is 71 degrees; the average low is 44 degrees. The record high is 87 degrees; record low is […]