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    John’s Thoughts on Dirt vs Soil

    “Studying wine taught me that there was a very big difference between soil and dirt: dirt is to soil what zombies are to humans. Soil is full of life, while dirt is devoid of it. Olivier Magny, “Into Wine: An Invitation to Pleasure” There is probably more opinion/VooDoo concerning soil than about anything else in […]

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    About The Albuquerque Bonsai Club

    The Albuquerque Bonsai Club began in January 1975. By 1979, it had grown, and the first Bonsai master, Ben Oki, was invited to conduct a bonsai workshop. Since then, other Bonsai masters have presented workshops in Bonsai culture in Albuquerque. Other Masters, including John Naka, Chase Rosade, Jim Barrett, Hal Sasake, Toshio Subaromaru, Mel Ikeda, Ray Nagatoshi,and Ernie Kuo have visited Albuquerque and enriched the club members knowledge of Bonsai.

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Thank you for another outstanding bonsai show!  It was just gorgeous, as usual, and it is a true hit with visitors.  I love, too, that it happens over Mother’s Day weekend.    You and your club are just a true dream to work with!  Thank you also for participating in National Public ... Read More...

Dearest Friends….. Herein lies an annotated list of the basic tools and assorted gizmos which might constitute a basic bonsai tool box. Your needs will vary, of course, but this has worked for me over the years. First, a general note or two, to wit: I refuse to accept the premise that one must sink […]


August Monthly Workshop

OK, all you nanoarborphytes,  I have been emailed from long ago and far away.  Our own Jedi Master John has a very important public service announcement for you.  The opinions expressed therein are, naturally of course, not necessarily those of this Pokéstop, but you may obtain necessary grains of salt necessary to collect Pokétrees at […]


August – It might be a gully-washer!

There are usually thunderstorms during the first part of the month. They usually stop abruptly, and the end of the month can be the driest part of the year. The average high is 89 degrees; the average low is 63 degrees. The record high is 101 degrees; the record low is 52 degrees. The average […]